Hi! I'm Soria a designer from Barcelona, currently working in London. I hope you enjoy my work.

Siloo App

UI Design for Siloo, an iPhone and iPad app developed by Start.cat.


Video edited for "Aldomartins", an innovative fashion brand from Barcelona. Work made in Helmut&Co.

I'm already in London.

Barcelona for London. I'm ready to start, I have my WIFI so I don't need more. New adventures... See you!
News 12.01.2013

Helmut&Co portraits

Models portraits illustrations to Helmut&Co.

080 Barcelona Fashion

Adaptations of multiple designs for "080 Barcelona Fashion SS'12" graphic identity. Work made in Helmut&Co.


Graphic identity + website for "Saraseaside" (Sara Costa).

Sombras y luces de la proyección isométrica

Cover design of "Sombras y luces de la proyección isométrica", book written by Xavier Izquierdo addressing the limitations of isometric projections.


Graphic identity + website for Start.cat, an startup specialized in the construction of multiplatform apps and sites for mission driven and innovative organizations.

Apps Icons

Icon's designs for iPhone and iPad apps.

"I love grids"

IV Jornadas didácticas sobre ciencias de la naturaleza

Identity design of "IV Jornadas didácticas sobre ciencias de la naturaleza". Posters + Video (program).


Personal project. Graphic tests of iconographic representation of objects.

Vanity Fair

Invitation design for an event comisioned by Vanity Fair. Work made in Helmut&Co.

Last days in Helmut&Co.

Last days in one of the best places where I have worked, Helmut&Co. We will continue working together but now with some kilometers between us and via Skype. Thanks for all! :)
News 25.10.2012

Pluma geométrica

Typography design formed of basic geometric shapes.

Tag.cat App

iPhone app graphic design for Tag.cat. Project created and developed with Start.cat.

It's Just a Cap

Undergraduate final project. ESDi (Universitat Ramon Llull). Promotional site for the brand "FFYR" an urban fashion company from Argentina. Bronze Laus Award 2010 (Students).

"Going to the Clouds"
Logic + MIDI Keyboard tests.


Website for "Silensi - Concept Store", a fashion brand from Barcelona. Work made it in Helmut&Co.


Newsletters designs for Fripan, one of the leading European baked goods companies. Work made in Mool&Co.

Líneas concéntricas

Textures and linear structures tests. Inspired by: Concentric forms of tree’s rings.

Super 3

Adaptations of multiple designs for the TV show "Super 3" over the summer and winter campaigns of 2008.

La Boixeta Handmade

iPhone app graphic proposal for "La Boixeta Handmade", a fashion brand specialized in the design and manufacture of handmade bags, purses and belts.